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A large majority of the irritating problems you experience with your computer are the result of viruses that have entered your computer through emails, websites or USB devices. There are many different types of viruses that enter your computer in different ways and affect your computer differently such as:

  • Hide or lock you out of your files, including your photos and videos
  • Allow somebody to access your computer and your personal information and files
  • Redirect websites to adverts or other malicious websites
  • Cause pop-ups which state your computer is infected so as to encourage you to buy software to fix the problem

Removing the virus is imperative in resolving the problems you may be experiencing and ensuring your computer runs smoothly. For only £30 we will run a comprehensive virus removal protocol which will remove every last trace of any viruses that are infecting your system. We will also leave behind anti-virus programs on your computer to prevent future infections.

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