Console Repair Service

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We offer console repair services, whether the issues are minor or major, we can fix it. From handheld consoles to the new generation of Xbox and PS4 and even consoles from way back in the 80s and 90s like Commodores … Continued

Computer Health Check

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We recommend that your computer be serviced at least once a year, much like your boiler or your car. A regular service can help to ensure your computer is running to the best of its capabilities and resolve any underlying … Continued

Data Recovery

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Data loss can be a costly business, not just financially but emotionally too. Most computer users don’t back up their data on a regular basis. Computers are so reliable that we never expect them to break down. Unfortunately, computers do … Continued

Virus Removal

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A large majority of the irritating problems you experience with your computer are the result of viruses that have entered your computer through emails, websites or USB devices. There are many different types of viruses that enter your computer in … Continued

Custom PC’s For Sale

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We believe every individual and business have their own unique computing requirements and the one size fits all mantra adopted by the big players is not suited for everybody. This is why we offer all our customers the chance to … Continued

Laptop Upgrades

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If you feel that your laptop is slow and needs an added boots of speed then we can upgrade your laptop for you. Often the purchase of a new laptop can be avoided by upgrading important parts or the operating … Continued

Laptop Screen Repair

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A dying or cracked display doesn’t mean your laptop is a paperweight. We can perform a laptop screen replacement for only £20 plus the cost of the replacement laptop screen and usually on the same day; we have a large … Continued

Hardware Upgrades

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Upgrading the components of your PC can give you the increase in speed and performance that you desperately need. If you want to add a few extra sticks of RAM, switch from HDD to SSD or add a new graphics … Continued

Computer Repairs

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Your desktop computer or laptop can be repaired now for only £30 + the cost of parts. If parts are required, we’ll ring you to let you know the extra costs and to see if you still want to go … Continued